press release

September 16, 2021.

Meet some of the Verxid team.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced its partnership with Barnksforte Technologies Limited as it unveiled the NIMC Mobile Contactless Biometric Application powered by VERXID, to facilitate the seamless enrollment of Nigerians into the National Identity Database.

As part of NIMC efforts to achieve an efficient, secure, accessible and reliable National Identity Infrastructure, VERXID, a Contactless Biometric Solution, deployed on an approved smart, secured mobile device provides its unique features to help advance the goals of NIMC.

Commemorating this year’s National Identity Day at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy said “to circumvent the challenges that resulted from the COVID19 pandemic, we developed a contactless Android biometric enrollment system that enables Nigerians and legal residents to obtain NINs after providing their biometrics through a process that is swift and contactless. It will also support us in enrolling users that are in remote areas and where there are power and networking constraints.”

Barnksforte Technologies CEO’s Interview at the unveiling of the NIMC Mobile Contactless Biometrics Solution powered by VERXID.

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for Barnksforte Technologies Limited, Mr Adedayo Bankole also made a remark, recapitulating VERXID’s functionality and its unique features.

He stated that the NIMC Mobile Contactless Biometric Application has the ability to capture off-grid such as in rural areas and can capture both online and offline. It is portable, captures faster and can function without necessarily connecting to an electrical source for a long period of time as there is provision for power bank. He mentioned the set-up is cheaper and the entire enrollment process is done in the most hygienic way. He further stated that the features were developed by understanding the need to improve the Identity System in Nigeria.

VERXID, a Contactless Biometric Solution is a welcomed innovation and a reliable Software that will further improve the Identity Systems in Nigeria.