Verxid is a proprietary end to end highly secured, innovative touchless biometric infrastructure that can be integrated into existing mobile apps to enhance and offer multi-factor biometrics authentication.

A patent self-service touchless biometric solution fitted on a smart mobile device that can integrate seamlessly as an "Authentication Call to Action" process.

It provides a frictionless, secured, fast, and efficient way to authenticate and capture seamlessly without the exorbitant cost of the traditional biometric system. This secured platform only allows the operation of the biometric process to run on any smart mobile device and delivers the captured or authenticated data to the premised or cloud server.

key features


Matching on the device (FIDO compliant) or on the server.

Vectors stored on device, server, or between the two.

iOS and Android.

Multiple plug-and-play biometric libraries.

Hosted on premise or in the cloud.


2-way SSL communication between device and server.

Visual Cryptography and Distributed Data Model for secure storage of biometric data .

Solution deployment scripts are obfuscated for additional security .

enterprise ready

Integrates with Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP, SAML, Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, and ShareFile.

Admin dashboard for analytics and reporting .

Customer support .

Built on an open standard called IEEE 2410 .

Pre-built Authenticator App for easy user adoption.